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      There are many natural lakes in Sikkim mostly situated in North-West, North-East and in extreme North Sikkim. Most of them are the sources of the tributary streams to the Sikkim’s biggest River Tista (Tashi Drak) and Rangit (Rang-Nyet). Many lakes are considered to be the abodes of various local guardian spirits such as Devas, Yakshas, Nagas, Nymphs and Demons, and many ascribed to numerous Tantric deities. As per Naysol Text , there are 109 sacred lakes ascribed to various protective Deities. Sacred nomenclatures of the lakes were given mostly by Sikkim’s pioneer lama Latsun Chenpo and his third successor Lama Jigmed Pawo in 17th to 18th century A.D. Due to political demarcation of the land with neighboring countries in the later eras some of the sacred lakes of Dejong are presently fall in Nepal side in west and some of them fall in China Tibet territory in North & North-Eastern side border. Information about the location of lot of the Sacred Lakes with reference to Naysol text was given by Lt. Khenpo D. Dorje of Phensang monastery and Lt Lachen Gomchen Rinpoche of Lachen Monastery, North Sikkim.

      Government of Sikkim notified some important sacred spots in 2001, vide Notification No.70/HOME/2001 dated 20.09.2001, which includes some of the sacred lakes that identified. But many remained unidentified owing to their location in inaccessible places or in the unknown places. The precise names of the most of the lakes that are situated in inaccessible places are still unknown. Some of them are nicknamed by Yak herders or by the Army battalions camped in the border areas. It is difficult to identify other sacred lakes located in the north-eastern border areas with reference to the number 109 sacred lakes recorded in the Naysol Text.

The following are the five important holy lakes in Sikkim notified by the State Government of Sikkim:

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