Rinchenpung Monastery (1730 A.D)
Rinchenpung Monastery is located on the hill situated to southern side of Pemayangtse.
History: It was founded by Lama Sangdag Dorje in the year 1730 A.D. He was a lineage holder of Terchhen Guru Chowang (1212-1270) one of the renown Nyingmapa Treasure Teachers of Tibet.Guru Chowang's teaching tradition was carried off by Lama Sangdag Dorje and Lama Ugen Gyatso. However, the son of Ugen Gyatso, Lama Rigdzin Thinlay Gyatso who was born in Rinchenpong contributed immensely to the growth of the gonpa and its lineage in Sikkim.The
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old monastery structure having special nature still exists and has been renovated with the financial assistance from the State Government of Sikkim. The monastery presently has a Sheda (Institution) of its own to educate the young monks in the field of Buddhist Philosophy under the guidance of Khenpo Dechhen Dorje (Ex Principal of Sikkim Institute of Nyingma Higher Studies, Gangtok). The monastery functions all the ceremonies throughout the year. This monastery follows Nyingma Sangwa Duepa of Terton Guru Chowang Lineage. Presently there are 80 novice monks in the Sheda.
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